Essel - Inro Software Authorized Reseller

Discover how INRO software can help you develop multimodal travel models, citywide traffic simulations and engaging visualizations for your city.

Every day, thousands of transportation planners around the world use INRO software to model urban, metropolitan and regional transportation systems, and to evaluate transport policy that affects us all.

We bring you INRO software products which are leading-edge research and software to the transportation planning field for over three decades, and today continue to innovate in the field it helped define with a strong tradition of research and new product development.

We provide assistance with software sales, licence renewals and Technical support of the following INRO Software Products:

1. Emme Software - Multimodal Transportation Planning

The world’s most trusted transportation planning software. Reinvented.

2. Dynameq Software - Multiscale Traffic Simulation

Traffic simulation and simulation-based dynamic traffic assignment.

3. CityPhi Software - Mobility Visualization

Data visualization and visual analytics for large-scale mobility and geospatial datasets.

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