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12. 09. 06
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What is Cloud Computing?
“Cloud computing” refers to the use of technology resources that are available to you on an on-demand basis via the Internet.  This is in contrast to conventional on-premise IT, where your company runs its applications exclusively on its own internal infrastructure—including servers, storage, networks, firewalls, load balancers and other hardware.

What is a Cloud Platform?

A “cloud platform” is a particular type of resource that you can  use as part of their overall approach to cloud computing.  Cloud platforms provide various services that you can be use immediately to address specific business needs, or configured to create content applications, all within just using a browser.   Cloud platforms offer numerous time and cost-saving advantages over on-premises content management software systems while providing much greater adaptability, allowing the user to evolve and refine the system as needs change.

Why is cloud a better model than installing and maintaining an on-premise Content Management software system?
Cloud offers many advantages over on-premise content management.  It's simple. No hardware to buy. No software to install. No huge upfront fees. No need to resource IT staff. No worries about downtime, backups, or recovery. Just log into your browser and you're there.

How much faster to deploy is our application compared to on-premise software systems?
Way faster.  Like under 1 hour. Now that's really fast. And unlike legacy software systems, you can be fully operational and running complete content management and workflow in days - not months. In fact we've helped customers with some pretty complex content management and workflow processes map the process and implement within a few weeks.

Can Essel cloud services enable us to fulfill and integrate all of our needs?
Solving a typical content management business problem requires the integration of multiple technologies like document management, workflow, scanning, capture, e-mail management, etc. Essel Cloud Services  delivers 20 already integrated content management technologies so there's no need to purchase additional modules and budget for costly, time-consuming integration services.

Is Cloud Service less expensive than on-premise content management?
Much less expensive.  One of the great things about cloud is you know how much it is costing you at any time.  One simple subscription fee.  No hidden costs for hardware, middleware, and services.  You can also buy what you need, when you need, so shelfware is a thing of the past.
Want to figure out how much it will cost you?  Please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How does Essel Cloud Services 's structure its pricing?
Essel Cloud Services  has a simple cloud pricing structure based on Team, Business and Enterprise Editions.  Have questions? Contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our budgets are getting tighter. How do I justify the cost?
Essel Cloud Services is paid for on a subscription basis, typically considered an operating expense. This allows you to avoid the paperwork, delays, and "red tape" of capital expenditure requests. With Essel Cloud Services , you can implement the solution and have it fully operational in less time than it takes to gain approval for the capital expenditure request for on-premises software.

What about security?
Essel Cloud Services delivers business-class security for your content.  Unlike on-premises content management products, cloud architecture enables Essel Cloud Services engineers to build in additional security controls. Essel Cloud Services employs an advanced access-control framework built into the core solution that enables secure authentication, provides advanced logging of user activity and allows administrators to control who has access to highly sensitive documents.  Multiple layers of firewalls ensure the highest levels of protection against intrusion and security vulnerabilities.

How reliable and available is Essel Cloud Services ?
With proven uptime, the likelihood of our servers going down is almost nil, a standard most internal IT organization can't match. Essel Cloud Services 's documented disaster recovery plan includes redundant and fail-over servers, routers, and switches. We follow a best-practices system-hardening process to strengthen our core systems and network devices from potential attacks.

How easy is it to access stored data?
Essel Cloud Services hosts your data, but it's your data. It can be downloaded free, at any time, by anyone with permission and without IT involvement. We can also provide DVD or hard drive backups.

Can Essel Cloud Services make a real difference in terms of enterprise agility and responsiveness?
Essel Cloud Services is designed to address all of your content management needs through configuration, rather than programming. This results in much faster deployment and the ability to take full advantage of upgrades as they are released every 10 - 12 weeks.  A great way to learn more is to let our customers explain what they have been able to do so check out the customer videos and case studies.

Can Essel Cloud Services integrate with my other technologies?
The ability to integrate document management with existing line-of-business (LOB) systems is critical to success. Essel Cloud Services  allows you to quickly access document management and workflow features from within other applications without learning a new system to take advantage of added capabilities. Integrations can be as loosely coupled as using a flat file or as tight as using Essel Cloud Services’s complete Web services capabilities for seamless and productive integration with other cloud and installed applications.
Essel Cloud Services offers a number of ways to integrate your systems from the very basic to the most elegant, any or all of which a Essel Cloud Services  representative will happily review with you.

What's the track record of cloud as compared to old-school ECM?
Let our customers speak for what you can accomplish.  In most cases these organizations have experience with on-premise ECM deployments, and chose to make it simple with cloud ECM.

As an industry player in Cloud Computing solutions, Essel Cloud Services is ideally positioned to partner with you. To learn about the features and benefits only Essel Cloud Services delivers, send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.