Events Management in the Cloud

A multifunctional Online Events Registration and Events Management Cloud Service

This service is a perfect solution for:
— companies organizing trainings, seminars, conferences;
— different public organizations (associations, state and non-commercial organizations, private clubs and unions etc.) launching events for own members;
No programming skills are required for an event manager to launch and manage the event website. It is a fast and easy way to launch your own events or e-business!


This system is a turnkey solution for a multifunctional Online Event Registration and Event Management solution for your business.
There’s no need to overpay. We’ve prepared different pricing schemes that will keep you within the budget and requirements.
Our Event software is a fast and easy way to launch your own event web-site or e-business! Try PG Events today!

Why choose us?
Access to the system anywhere, anytime
Affordable prices
FREE technical support service
All for your site in one place
Customization, SEO services.

When thinking about online promotion of a business or non-profit event one faces a dilemma – to use a hosted or enterprise edition of events management software. For most companies organizing trainings, seminars and conferences with Enterprise Edition is the easiest, most secure and most cost effective method.

Available for evaluation - No need to fill in longsome questionnaires. Fill in your name & email and access the Online Demo. The demo of the event registration system is provided by our sales representatives. You can play with the online event registration software online; try to change layout as template driven files are open for modifications even before your subscrption.

Secure - Being hosted on our server the event software is secure. Data saved at your server are protected by means of operative system and your server database system.

Easy to use and maintain - Our software is a turnkey event registration website.

Flexible - The software is customizable to your needs and requirements.

Unlimited - 1 site license of online event registration software is for unlimited number of delegates, registrations and events.

Cost effective and with no hidden charges - Many solutions may appear inexpensive at first glance but the reality is often different.
Software hosting services, Support charges and Consulting fees. If cost is an issue (it is with nearly everyone), be sure to review all the costs associated with each solution.
We provide FREE support and consulting. Best of all, you get everything for one low price!

We provide FREE support and consulting. Best of all, you get everything for one low price!


Event management software strong points are:

- Highly customizable scalable and clean code;
- Adjustable and editable to own needs and requirements site language;
- Multi-lingual interface;
- User friendly and easy navigation;
- Eye appealing design.

  • Delegate registration

One of the advantages of running an event registration website is the fact that all delegates register for events and populate forms with personal information themselves.
When it’s necessary to change the profile data it can be done online. There’s no need for an event manager to be always in the office and at the phone or store handwritten records. All information is in one place in event registration software, at hand and accessible in a couple of clicks.

More than that, Event registration website is protected from bots and fake registrations:
- Sign up and Contact us forms obligatory include CAPTCHA;
- Email address verification after registration is a compulsory procedure.


  • Profile options

After registration a delegate gains access to event management website options – event booking and account tools.
Account allows managing the following preferences: edit profile data, re-set password, view calendar and event booking records, track events in favourite categories and preferred locations, tune email options, check latest RSS subscriptions.

Profile form includes minimum number of fields usually used for a delegate registration and required for booking – email, name, last name, location, gender and birth date. It won’t take long to fill in or edit the entries. No tiresome questionnaires.

Password reset feature helps to keep login data on event management website secure and change it any time.

All event registrations (free and paid) are stored in delegate account as well. Upcoming events are highlighted with a border.

Every event can be added to delegate Personal calendar, no matter whether he registered for it or not. The calendar on event management website supports week, month, year views, can be switched to list view and printed.

Event website based on Event registration software offers an option to save Search criteria and receive alerts on events in preferred categories and locations, on certain dates.

A registered delegate can receive a number of Email alerts:
- Event reminder is for those who need to be reminded of where and when they should be;
- Site news;
- Saved searches;
- A weekly update on events in a certain category. Every alert can be personally switched on or off.

Each event on event management website has an RSS feed which updates on changes in its description. Once a user clicks an RSS icon in an event, it will be listed in RSS section.

Events registration software tracks every delegate action and displays a quick stats in My summary section. This helps a delegate to quickly track own activity records.


  • Events management

The event management software represents a catalogue of events stored in categories and divided into two main archives – Upcoming and Past.

Upcoming events can be marked with icons:
- New;
- Upcoming;
- Top (based on 5-star rating);
- Hot (based on user registrations).
5-star rating option is available for confirmed event registrants only.
An event is moved to On-going archive when event starts and to Past archive as soon as it finishes. Each event can be printed, added to calendar, tracked via RSS and shared.
Reminder is a flexible tool to bring a person back to events viewed before he signed up or logged in.

Event management software allows site administrator to fill in an event with most essential information:
- Main description covers dates, location, registration fee, short description;
- Detailed description;
- Program;
- Associated fees;
- Photo albums;
- Location on Map;
- Hosted by

Detailed description and Program are added/edited with the help of FCKeditor. It means that the text being edited on it looks as similar as possible to the results users have when publishing it on the event website. It brings to the web common editing features found on desktop editing applications like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. SWF, PPT, PDF, ZIP files can be attached to Program.

You’ll be able to create an unlimited number of paid packages (primary and secondary), define packages max quantity and activity period on your event website. Primary packages should be purchased to book an event. Secondary packages are for optional services which a delegate may need.

All event images on your event website can be stored in albums. JPEG, JPG, GIF and PNG images are accepted. Administrator can add comments to album and/or images. Event location can be showed on Google map. Map settings help to control zoom level, default map type (normal, physical or satellite) and select default location which can be displayed in all events without additional manipulations.

If Detailed description, Program, Associated fees, Photo albums or Hosted by sections include no info they aren’t displayed in user mode. Once the number of registrations on event website runs to maximum admin can manually close the registration.


  • Dynamic events

The content of front and user home pages can be easily managed
with Dynamic blocks section help. The pages of event management website can be filled with events and news. It’s up to you to decide what kind of events and how exactly to display!

You can choose whether to show Featured, Upcoming, New, Hot, Top or Recently viewed events in a Slider, Scroller, List or Detailed views.

Latest news support Detailed and List views.

You can add any number of dynamic blocks on your event management website and sort them as you wish. You make the changes yourself, easily and with immediate effect!


  • Payments

Event software includes a wide list of pre-installed payment systems and allows you to accept payments via, E-Gold, PayPal, USAepay, WorldPay, CCBill, ChronoPay, Barclays, Ogone, Webmoney, Allopass and PayPoint.

Activate your payment system from administration section - simply add your merchant information and you'll get your payments working at your site.

Delegates will pay securely. It means you can be sure everyone has been charged and you have accurate records on how much you’ve billed.


  • Tools

Countries, Regions, and Cities Database
Choose a set of countries you need at your event website request the installation. Regions and cities will be installed together with countries in no time. Check and edit names from administration part of Event registration software. Wide database of locations will help your users define places they live in and indicate them in their profiles.

Stats, filters
All information about events, delegates and their payments is stored in one place on our event website. You can use filters to quickly jump to the necessary details. Even more – the most important data is tracked by the system and displayed as a summary in administration panel homepage: stats in events, delegates, payments and within latest 24 hours.

Watermark for uploaded images. This option makes pictures protection possible, so site visitors are not able to steal this or that photo for personal or business needs. This pre-integrated feature allows administrator to lay watermark on pictures, its text or image can be chosen from Administration Panel at your own discretion. You can choose Watermark type - text or image, Watermark position, font name, watermark text color & size, you can also define whether to use shadows or not, and specify color and intensity.

Site News, RSS Feeds
There is a special section for posting site and event industry news on the site. Administrator can add news using built-in FCK editor or add some RSS Feeds to load news from other Internet resources. It is possible to post different news and add different RSS Feeds for each language version of event website.

SEO Settings
Site Administrator can add titles, description and keywords for any page of the site. So nearly all site pages are SEO-friendly and you get more leads from search engines. This tool is easy to use so everyone can make an ideal SEO-friendly site.

This section is perfect for you if you have many partners or would like to get them, this options provides you with opportunity to let your customers or affiliates place their banners on the site effortlessly.