eLearning in the Cloud

Optimize your school or business training, save time and budget with Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (www.lms.co.ke) is a SAAS/Cloud platform for e-learning. Developed by Essel Technologies Limited, the program operates as a cloud-hosted software as a service platform as well as a third-party compatible, premium service.

System features

  • Cloud Technology and Mobile features
  • Supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004
  • Immediate loading of any file: Word, Excel, video, audio, etc.
  • User notifications via SMS or email
  • Videoconferencing, chat and forums
  • Messages, notices and notepad
  • Tests and surveys
  • FAQs, Help, Link Lists, Glossaries, Wikis, E-portfolios
  • Reports by user and by course
  • Replicates the company organization chart
  • Group management
  • Interfaces with HR and ERP applications and authentication systems such as LDAP and Active Directory

System Integrations

  • Google Apps
  • Google Apps Marketplace
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Wordpress/Joomla
  • Adobe Connect
  • BigBlueButton

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