Proactive Care Services

Essel Proactive Care Services

As you move into converged, virtualized and cloud-based environments, you need a trusted partner that can help you reduce complexity, keep your environment stable, support your environment in its entirety, and guide you on your journey.
Essel Proactive Care Service is a flexible, comprehensive, and cost effective service that combines smart technology and support to boost performance. We work in partnership with you to provide proactive consultation, recommendations and reporting from Essel technology experts—as well as rapid expert support if needed.
Proactive Care integrates both proactive and reactive hardware and software support elements so you can get superior value out of your IT investments. Our support solution is structured on three guiding principles for our service delivery:

  • Personalized: You have rapid access to advanced technical expertise for rapid problem diagnosis and resolution with a premium call experience, where a Technical Solution Specialist (TSS) acts as a single point of contact for end-to-end case ownership.
  • Proactive: Proactive Care leverages industry-leading remote support technology for real-time monitoring, alerts to diagnose and fix issues early, call logging for reactive support, and to help avoid downtime. This also facilitates analysis, which Essel utilizes to deliver proactive reports with firmware and parch analysis and recommendations, as well as proactive scan “health check” reporting on your infrastructure.
  • Simplified: A single point of contact to manage your case from end to end, an integrated set of support deliverables, you simply select one of three service reactive hardware support levels. You can purchase Proactive Care at any time (at the time when you purchase your products or contractually afterwards), and can cover the entire stack.

Aiming to increase the uptime and stability of your industry-standard environment, and free-up maintenance and operations time, Proactive Care lets you focus on business innovation and growth.
Proactive Care Services is available from Essel.

Essel Proactive Care Personalized Support option – Local proactive personalized support for complex IT environments

When you’re running a converged, virtualized environment, many components need to work together effectively and you need to keep your environment stable. We know that not all needs are the same, so we developed Essel Proactive Care Personalized Support option as part of our Proactive Care Service offerings.
The Proactive Care Personalized Support option also offers:

  • A local assigned Account Support Manager to provide collaborative onsite technical and operational advice
  • An annual support plan aligned to IT priorities
  • Twice a year support reviews
  • Additional technical services as needed

It’s time to choose support that’s tailored to your needs. The Personalized Support option is only available to customers who have Proactive Care Service. Proactive Care Service and the Personalized Support option is available directly from Essel.

Proactive Care for Essel CloudSystem Matrix – The promise of prevention: Personalized, proactive and simplified

New support for the new IT reality. We know business challenges differ and your IT and business challenges needs are evolving. You want services that are personal, proactive, and simple that proactively prevents problems and enables IT resources to focus on innovation to support the growth of their business. Increase usability, prevent outages, increase value of the investment, and control cost with Essel Proactive Care with the Personalized Support option for your Essel CloudSystem Matrix.
We know business challenges differ, so we developed Proactive Care with personalized support for Essel CloudSystem Matrix as part of our Proactive Care Services.
Proactive Care for Essel CloudSystem Matrix:

  • Helps optimize utilization of your cloud infrastructure
  • Saves time and cost spent in troubleshooting
  • Proactively prevents outages and allows your IT team to spend more time innovating

Proactive Care for Essel CloudSystem Matrix is available directly from Essel.
Connect with our HP technology experts for personalized support for Essel CloudSystem Matrix.